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Friday, September 22, 2006

I have 3 weeks off and you don't...

It's true! I am now officially on a 3 week break. This is actually a 1.5 week break when you take into account that I will be working the week before school returns because gosh darn it, those lesson plans HAVE to be written BEFORE the kids actually walk into the classroom. (This fact is always lost on the people who think teachers have ALL OF THIS VACATION TIME!) Add to that the fact that I am also scoring 200 papers of writing for the 6 Traits (that equals about 8 -12 hours of work, depending on how much they actually wrote) and I am down to 1.5 weeks. NOT COMPLAINING! But I sooo deserve this break because apparently I am the meanest teacher in the world because I:

1. Ask students to write their first and (GASP!!!) LAST NAME on their papers. (Kid starts crying)

2. I ask 4th graders to listen while I teach about paragraphs, hand them a typed OUTLINE and go over HOW TO FILL IN THE OUTLINE, model a paragraph and then ask them to WRITE A PARAGRAPH. (Kid starts crying)

3. I ask students to NOT play with their Yogeogotchimagoo cards in class while I am teaching. I then ask if there are more cards and am told no only to find 10 minutes later that there were more cards so I take said cards and tell him to write me an apology letter and we will discuss getting back said cards. (Cue kid to start crying) P.S. The next day, he came running up to me and said that his mom said a whole bunch of bad words in front of him so he wants his cards back. :)

4. I rush to defend the life of a little kid who is getting beat up by a schmuck in front of him in line. I ask him to come with me so I can place in in front of the line so he is safe and next to me. The little brat says no to me. I cannot believe my ears. I say again, "Come with me to the front of the line." To which he looks me in the eye and now shouts, "NO!"

I SHOULD have let the other kid kick his ass!


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