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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day begins at 4 in the morning...

So long story short, I was really kinda sad that Sweet Pea was not coming to Tucson to visit her mum for Mother's Day. There were very practical reasons for it but still - we are quite close and I was a little down.

Sparky has been feverishly working on laying the flooring in our bedroom BY HIMSELF (his super duper Mother's Day gift to me, my request!) and we had no bed to sleep in last night due to the floor only being half done because we all know how much help I am when I hand him the yardstick while he measures or I put a dot on a piece of wood with a permanent marker as he bends over and stands up constantly until he can't move a muscle in his poor body or how I open and close the sliding glass door as he goes back and forth to the various power saws he has assembled to cut and lay the floor. So without ALL OF MY HELP! he still didn't have the floor done last night because we have all these weird angles in our room. So anywho, we decided to sleep on the couch which is a giant squishy, quite lovely piece of expensive furniture and we are quite happy.

Somewhere in the middle of the night (I now know it was 4:00 a.m.) I hear Little L open her bedroom door. I assume she is headed to the bathroom or to get a drink. Then I feel her presence in the livingroom and think she must have had a dream or she is sleep walking (which she has done in the past) so I start to talk to her. I always say her name and ask her if she is ok. She ignores me and heads towards the front door. YIKES! I can't quite wake myself up to move, I feel FROZEN, STUCK to the couch but my heart is racing and I keep saying her name and asking her what she is doing. She says, "It's ok." And I think, um, NO, it's NOT ok that you are headed out the door in your p.j.'s so I once more ask what is happening and she is unlocking the door! I can't seem to unfreeze my terror stricken body and I yell, "Don't open the door!" to which she once again says, "It's ok!" and I see a figure come out of the dark and cross over the threshold. I am struck with fear and confusion. Sparky starts to stir. I am soooo completely lost and confused. Flight or fight. I am always a fighter and ready myself to do battle with this stranger! The stranger that Little L has let into our house?!?!?!?!?

That's when Sweet Pea says, "It's me, mom!" BIIIIIIIGGGGGG sigh of relief and then PURE happiness!!!!! She drove to see me!!!!!! Right after she got off work. And I am SOOOO glad I didn't know that she was on the highway, alone, for 3 hours, in the dark, on a dark, desert highway to steal a line from my future husband in another life, Don Henley. So my baby girl came to visit her Mama and made it the best wake-up scared you know whatless in the world!

So we all went to sleep for a few more hours and then Sparky got up and finished the floor while we girls enjoyed breakfast and girl talk. The girls wore their "I HEART MOM" t shirts and then we went to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes cause we loves our salads. We are home now and enjoying a moment of quiet. Sweet Pea is watching Survivor (I've never seen it) and Little L is doing some dancing and then we will rejoin in a room and enjoy some cheesecake.

Did I mention that I have the best girls in the entire planet?!?! THANKS, GIRLS! It was a WONDERFUL surprise and a FANTASTIC mother's day!!!!! I love you sweet beings!


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