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Mum likes reading, decorating, shopping with the girls, and Starbucks. She also feels funny writing in the 3rd person. Papa (also known as Sparky) is currently looking at me with a blank stare having asked him to add something about himself to the blog. (Now he wants to say something) The only thing he loves more in life than music and Coke is his wife and kids. (Awww...) :) Little Lotte is a genius on the computer and makes me fall over laughing every day with her quick wit. She loves computers and animals. Sweet Pea abandoned her family and moved to Phoenix for work and is now married as of 2/28/06. She is beautiful and smart and the most nurturing person I know. She gave me the greatest gift ever when she made me a grandmother. I am the proud Mum Mum to Andrew Christopher. There are no words to describe the joy of having a grandson!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Light at the end of the tunnel...

Sparky has been taking very good care of me in my stages of (fill in the emotion) over my present situation with the job. We did a little shopping today to take my mind off things. We stopped at the grocery store and you know I always, always, always see 3.5 students or co-workers when I go out and today was no exception. The wonderful thing was that there were two little ones that are a joy to teach and the little girl ran to me, nearly toppling me, to give me a hug. We talked for a few minutes, I said hello to her charming little brother and I introduced myself to the dad. She then reached up for one more hug. After our encounter, I turned to Sparky and mentioned that moments like that are the reason I put up with the politics in education.

It was ungodly hot but sometime after 3, the heavens opened up and a spot of a rainbow appeared and the rain poured. My daddy just coming by to say hi and tell me everything is going to be alright. He has a habit of doing that when I am not myself. I suppose someday I should explain what I mean by that but not tonight.

And what did I treat myself to today? I broke down and bought the Amy Winehouse CD. I joked to Sparky that I had contributed to a line of coke for her. He said not even enough so maybe a pack of matches? I bought a magazine and some books and Sparky found some collection of DVD's of the Muppet Show. He won a set from a radio show (BOB FM - how appropriate) and just stumbled on the other set today.

We had to run to Target and I mentioned that we should just look at the baby section since we haven't been in a baby section of a store in forever. We must have spent an hour ohhing and ahhhing over everything. Sparky found a diaper bag from Eddie Bauer so he is pretty sure that's gonna have to be his. I have one I bought already and Little L is picking one out. We figure we can carry everything the baby will need between the three of us! We found the crib/bassinet we want to purchase to keep at Mum Mum's house! (THAT'S ME!!!!) It's Winnie the Pooh, of course. And we saw oodles of little clothes but we are waiting until we find out if it's a girl or boy. Did you know that we literally bought our sofa with the baby in mind and that was over a year ago?! It's a beautiful sectional from Crate and Barrel that has a perfect corner for the baby and a place for me on one side and Sparky on the other. Then there is room, of course, for the parents and Auntie La La.

We are drinking tea and enjoying the candles flickering, each in our own corners of the sofa, each on our laptops. My eyes are heavy. Sweet Dreams...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are crazy, with your multiple diaper bags.

Jen L

6:30 PM  

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