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Mum likes reading, decorating, shopping with the girls, and Starbucks. She also feels funny writing in the 3rd person. Papa (also known as Sparky) is currently looking at me with a blank stare having asked him to add something about himself to the blog. (Now he wants to say something) The only thing he loves more in life than music and Coke is his wife and kids. (Awww...) :) Little Lotte is a genius on the computer and makes me fall over laughing every day with her quick wit. She loves computers and animals. Sweet Pea abandoned her family and moved to Phoenix for work and is now married as of 2/28/06. She is beautiful and smart and the most nurturing person I know. She gave me the greatest gift ever when she made me a grandmother. I am the proud Mum Mum to Andrew Christopher. There are no words to describe the joy of having a grandson!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


The weekend began with some Pennsylvania LOVE: Herr's Chips for moi and burnt chips for Sparky. We are in salty snack heaven. THANK YOU to our dear family, Mick and Linda in Reading, Pa. !!!!!! You have no idea how awesome this is to us!!!!

Impromptu birthday party: What's a girl to do when she has a baby and can't get to the store? She gets out all of her past holiday stuff and throws a graduation/It's A Boy!/Merry Christmas/Happy New Year! Birthday Party! Sweet Pea gets extra credit points since I realized about an hour into the ride to Phx. that I had not gotten a cake for Little L. I didn't even have to call Sweet Pea - she was on the ball and baked one already! And the multi-themed celebration was a complete Moron Family moment! THANK YOU , SWEET PEA!!!!

To redeem myself to the three people who read my blog, I AM taking Little L to Disney in two weeks. And I DROVE to McD's on my lunch time to bring back lunch for her AND I bought her dessert after work at Dairy Queen, and bought her HAIRSPRAY (movie) so I am not completely a bad mother! :-)

My baby Roo!!!! He is filling out SOOOO well and I needed to grab those chunky thighs and squeeze them every chance I got! He was soooo skinny when he was born and for a few weeks after so it's awesome to see him filling out so nicely!

We had fun on Saturday visiting with Baby Roo and the minute we drive away from the house, my heart aches for him. He is just the cutest thing on this planet. His Pop Pop (Sparky) spent a LOT of quality time with his grandson.

We stopped at Az. Mills to eat at The Rain Forest Cafe, another small birthday treat for Little L. It was way yummy and filled us up so that we didn't need to cook dinner tonight. We stopped at the store and bought groceries for the week and now we are relaxing. Life is good.


Blogger Susie Q said...

You are a great mom! : ) Rain Forest Cafe is wonderful! As is Hairspray and McDs and Dairy Queen and oh yes, DISNEY!! Not a shabby birthday at all!


6:07 PM  

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