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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Stop Winking at Mah Man...Doggone it!

I thought the debate was civil. I'm glad. But she DOES get increasingly adorable as she goes on (how many times did she wink?) I just want to address one thing that was discussed by Sparky and me during the debate:

PALIN: That is not so, but because that's just a quick answer, I want to talk about, again, my record on energy versus your ticket's energy ticket, also.

I think that this is important to come back to, with that energy policy plan again that was voted for in '05.

When we talk about energy, we have to consider the need to do all that we can to allow this nation to become energy independent.

It's a nonsensical position that we are in when we have domestic supplies of energy all over this great land. And East Coast politicians who don't allow energy-producing states like Alaska to produce these, to tap into them, and instead we're relying on foreign countries to produce for us.


Sparky: Well, then why doesn't she talk to Sen. McCain about solar energy? We live in his state -- where we get 2 freakin days of rain and year and 363 days of SUNSHINE... why not solar energy as an alternative?

Hmmm, good point! She went on and on and on and on about her energy state but our state, Arizona should be the energy state with all of the solar power we could be harnessing. Why aren't we doing that, Sen. McCain?


Blogger Saucy said...

More than thirty winks, sorry I counted. Now I have a twitchy eye.

Plus, that homespun grammar is so not statesmanlike. It's all so Huck Finn. But she shore wuz purdy, don'tcha think?

10:57 PM  

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