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Monday, March 09, 2009

MIA... I know, I know

What can I say? Sometimes you just aren't inspired to write or you are too, I am talking TOO busy to write. Sometimes you are filled with worry and other times you are just plain tired. There are many reasons that I haven't blogged in the past several months. But I feel good about the break I had from writing and am ready (and was requested) to get back into writing here again.

As all two of you know who read my blog, Little L was accepted into the Disneyland College Program. The good news out of thousands of applicants, only 200 around the country are chosen. The bad news is that, like anything the poor girl has tried to pursue, it was something we just couldn't afford anymore.

The program is supposed to be a way for them to get their foot in the door. Unfortunately with the economy the way it is, Disneyland is effectively shutting down the program (DisneyWorld is still good - so far) and the way they do that is to not give enough hours to the kids working there on the program. After draining her savings the first month to make rent and buy food, she was once again about $400.00 short for rent and groceries at the end of February. She and two of her roommates could no longer afford to stay and had to leave. It was utterly depressing not only to see Little L's dream go down the drain, but to even watch two friends she had made in the program, lose theirs as well. These girls just happened to be here at the wrong time. With park attendance down, they just cannot justify paying these girls and trying to keep the regular cast members, who are union, happy as well. So she is home now but of of course, resigned her job with my school district to take this "internship" so we are back to square one. Luckily, we love having her around and I told her that being 19 means that it might take a few tries before she can officially launch into the real world.

Speaking of the real world, I know that DIsneyland is trying to get the remaining kids to leave because they sent them an email to let them know that their rent in April would be $790 instead of $640 because there are 5 weeks in April, not 4. I had to explain to Little L that that is NOT how the real world works... when you pay rent monthly - it does not matter how many weeks are in a month, the rent is the same!!! And these young girls were making $8.00 an hour and sharing a 2 bedroom apt. and EACH share of rent was $640.00. Was the apartment they were in worth over $2500.00 a month?? Hardly.... This is the first time Disney offered housing and I think they really messed up. Anyway -- that's been heavy on my mind but now that she is home, I am resting a little easier knowing she is not in Anaheim (the neighborhood was scary) and riding the bus with the AA guys and the crazies.

Speaking of crazies, I will save the crazy story of our visit to her, the man that was attacked in front of us, calling 911 and eventually having Sweet Pea supoened to California!!! Ah yes, the fun never ends.

Now my sweet Boo Bear turned one year old and I took no photos of him in his birthday hat. I am thinking I need to take care of that this weekend. I am working this week (even though it's spring break) so that I can pay the tax man this year. But I only work Mon. - Thurs. and then I get to see Boo Bear and I simply cannot wait.

The other person that inspired me to write again was a comment from my sweet sister, Edna , who commented on how gorgeous Boo Bear is (Yes, sis, we call him Andrew) -- she inspired me because she loves to see photos of him and that made me want to post more photos. So here you go!


Blogger Musicaljean said...

That video was adorable, especially hearing him laugh and watching him enjoy throwing his food!!

I'm so sorry your daughter's dream turned out the way it did. This economic downturn is affecting so many people in so many ways. It seems our staff lunch conversation ends up on that subject almost every day one way or another.

4:50 PM  

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