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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A Lot of Hot Air

Our air conditioner decided to quit yesterday. It happened in the middle of the night but I was SOOO tired from my first day back at school that I didn't even notice it. Lucky for me, I was soundly sleeping the whole night. Sparky and Little Lotte, however, were up feeling the heat radiate throughout the house. The inbetween parts of this are boring but it's NOW fixed They couldn't come out until the next morning and when its 113 outside, that is WRONG. We went out for a delicious dinner and got to eat together so that was really nice. $200 later and the house is cool once again.

Today was a district inservice. Good stuff on expository text and strategies for increasing comprehension. I really did learn a lot and plan to use the newly gained knowledge in my classroom.

Tonight was meet the teacher night. It's always a little stressful to me because I don't like change. Having a new class every year is BIG change. SOOO many personalities with the kiddos and parents to adapt and adjust to. They look like a pretty good bunch. There were only 2 little guys that were a little hyper so I'm going to really make sure we spend that first week going over procedures over and over and over until they get it 100%. That jumping around stuff bugs me, always has. First graders are CONTANT wigglers and that's why I would never teach 1st grade. I have 23 students and only 9 are girls! :( I had such a high class last year so I am anxious to see how this class performs. I had 17 show up for meet the teacher night - not bad! Now Sparky and I are going to cuddle on the couch and get ready to watch the Tour de France. And eat ice cream. And maybe kiss. :)


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