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Friday, May 12, 2006

And it begins!

Mother's Day, that is. See, in the Moron Family, holidays do not last for one day. Oh no. They are a minimum of three day celebrations and can often last up to seven days at a time! So now that it's Friday and I GOT FLOWERS DELIVERED TO SCHOOL FROM MY FIRST BORN, it's officially the start of Mother's Day WEEKEND.

This is a picture of my babies last year and their surprise for me as they served me breakfast. I LOVED IT! But this year, this is the first year away from Sweet Pea since she abandoned me and moved to Phoenix and got, like married and stuff. So what does my baby girl (18.5 hours of labor) do for her darling (3 solid hours of pushing) mother??? She (NO DRUGS, all natural birth, thankyouverymuch) sent me the most beautiful dozen pink roses in the WORLD! And... she was smart enough to send them to work cause everyone knows if you are going to get flowers you HAVE to get them at work so that people will come see you all day and ask WHO loves you enough to send you such beautiful flowers?!?!?

I will get a picture here of the flowers this weekend.

The point is - it's so thoughtful and wow... I can't wrap my head around the fact that I have a daughter old enough to have a job and the money to send me flowers! I cried because she loves me enough to do this, because it reminds me that my own mother is gone, because she was so thoughtful to send me flowers and because it's my first real gift that doesn't have macaroni glued on it. (Not that I didn't love the glued macaroni stuff!!!)

I love you, Sweet Pea.

Now get busy... Grandmother's Day is coming around the corner.


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