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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


"At Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, Ginni and Edward Dewbray were stopped at the security line and told if they wanted to bring a small bottle of Oil of Olay onto their flight to North Carolina, they would have to put it in a clear plastic bag. Edward Dewbray asked several other travelers for a bag and eventually found one."

Does the clear plastic bag have magical qualities? Superman had kryptonite. The TSA has Ziploc?!

And at the end of the article...

"After testing a variety of explosives, the FBI and other laboratories found that tiny amounts of substances _ so small they fit into a quart-size plastic bag _ can't blow up an airliner."

Ohhhhh.... somebody please explain to the TSA that the toiletries just have to FIT in a small space, not be IN the plastic bag! The screeners had already been through the Dewbray's carry-on luggage and were aware that the Oil of Olay was the only liquid they were carrying. Insisting it HAD to be in a plastic bag is just plain nonsense.


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