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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Taking a break from making Christmas dinner and thought I would say hello. I injured my pinky so typing (well, at least using the shift key) is not easy. I cut it on a christmas card envelope from my mother in law. Wahhh.

Anyway, I was reading a few blogs and I am not happy with mothers who blog about how they WISH they had a silent night and how freakin' busy they are, etc. ENJOY the noise, the excitement, the joy of those babies in their anticipation of Santa cause it REALLY DOES go by fast. We enjoyed an early Christmas at Sweet Pea's home and are sooo happy for that but I do miss the mornings of my little girls waking us at pre-dawn, breathless and whispering - "Merry Christmas! Wake up - Santa's been here!" So enjoy, Mommies - it will fly by much too fast and you will no longer want those Silent Nights.

Ok, here is something more cheereful :)

1. What is guaranteed to make you smile over the holidays?

Watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation over a great pizza with my Sparky and the girls.

2. What makes you weepy during the holidays?

For some reason, I get really nostaligic for my parents - the memories they made for me - priceless. We always got our tree on Christmas Eve because that is when they either gave them away free or we paid less than $5.00 for one. I always had walnuts and an orange in my stocking. I got one present from my stocking on Christmas Eve. I only had one gift to open on Christmas day but I gotta tell you, it made it that much more special. I will have to see if I have a picture of me as a child. I don't have many at all but I am pretty sure I have a few from my childhood Christmases. I also remember getting a doll house one year, shopping downtown at night in Chester, Pa. in the snow. The decorations all lit up on the telephone or light poles and the snow sparkling at night. I just had it good. I had NOTHING compared to what my own girls have today but I didn't know that - I loved the holidays!

3. How will you spend Christmas Eve and Day?

Christmas Eve was fun. We made some sandwiches and dip and chips and watched Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown. During the day we went to the Phoenix Zoo (pics to come) and then that night we drove home to Tucson.
4. What was your most memorable Christmas and why?

I feel like I answered this already - Sparky and I - our second Christmas together - living in an apartment in Reading, an old Victorian rowhouse. We looked out - dark and just the street lights shining on the snow - sparkles galore - and quiet as anything and we hear a faint but hearty "Ho! Ho! Ho!" It was just magical. :)

5. Christmas form letters from friends -- pro or con?

I like to get them although I don't send one.

6. In your home is Christmas more of a religious or secular observance?

Great question - a mixture?

7. What is your favorite Christmas Carol?

O Come Immanuel

8. What is your deepest prayer for the world this Christmas?

Let's be nice to everyone. That's it. It covers it all.


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