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Thursday, January 25, 2007

I hate change


Thank you for letting me have a free blog on your dime but couldn't you have warned me about the changes I would encounter today as I signed in? YOU KNOW I hate change. I have had the same password since I started this blog because I don't want to change it. They changed our phones at work once (replaced the old ones with 9 buttons to one with 37 buttons) and I refused to touch, let alone answer the phone for 3 days. Most recently, our district has grown so much that our prefix has been changed as of last week - don't even get me started about having to memorize these three new digits.

This may be my last. post. ever. because I may never find my way back thru the maze of these wonderful changes that blogger has burdened me with. (Yeah, it's a preposition, wanna make something of it?)

I actually came here because I just heard Maury Povich congratulate a girl on not being a prostitute. Those were his exact words: "Congratulations for not being a prostitute!" How come no one ever congratulated me for not being a prostitute?

Maury should write greeting cards for Hallmark.


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