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Monday, February 26, 2007

Parents - or why I hate my job sometimes.

So I had this meeting today (the first day on our finally completed campus) with a parent who is certifiably whacko and it was so hard to sit there and not move my neck. (My friend and co-worker, the Art teacher reminded me to stay "white" in the meeting)

No good can come from a woman who marries someone shorter than she is. Actually, the dad was logical, reasonabably reasonable. But the mom - wow - what a freaking nut job. When she finished saying what she wanted to say to me (and double talking and back tracking, and generally hanging herself) I started to respond but my principal did the honors. He was brilliant. He defended me and stood up for my character. I have never seen him with parents so it was new to me. This is his first year and our district is very PRO parent to the point where the teachers are second, at best. But he honestly defended me in a very professional way. I need to thank him for that.

The classroom teacher spoke in my defense as well but then the mom turned on her. She now wants the teacher to write "little side notes to explain the homework" (this is third grade, people) so that the mom and daughter don't fight about it because the mom says "my daughter manipulates me!" Ok...... so that was my first day on campus.

Making memories... updating the old resume... remembering that some kids are the way they are because the apple surely does NOT fall far from the tree.


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