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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Eve of the Eve of Graduation

We have spent the past week cleaning and gearing up for Little L's graduation and party. It is not without it's drama. We, the Moron Family, cannot possibly throw a party unless we can make someone really mad. We just have a way with people!

I remember when we had this house, our first house, built back in 1995. Naturally, we were told we needed to throw an Open House Party. It was around the holidays so we decided to hold a New Year's Eve party. I spent a million dollars at Costco on food and another million on decorations and party hats, etc.

We invited several couples. One couple was particularly new at the marriage game and didn't know how to play nice in front of others. The husband showed up at the party with their giant dog. It was a huge german shepherd/horse something or other. WHO shows up to a party with a freakin dog??! So we figure we will leave it out back except that a) it barked and barked and b) Little L and the other kids were terrified of this dog. The couple fought about it. SHE talked HIM into taking it back to their house (they lived about a mile away). They argued and argued. I said something - cannot remember what and HE looked at me and said "Don't be condescending with me." in a very condescending tone, I might add. I was floored. Speechless. In my own house. It all went downhill from there and we promised we would never throw another party.

But we did manage to get through Sweet Pea's high school and college graduation, as well as her wedding (well, there were 2 small incidents that we won't speak of) but now we are back in the swing of things!

I am too tired to explain it tonight so I will have to save it for another time. Besides, I should blog about it after the party to see if the problem just gets bigger and bigger! In the meantime, here is a picture of a side table that I decorated in a very weird shrine like way for Little L.

Did I mention how PROUD I am of my little girl?!


Blogger Tom Dressler said...

Thanks for your concern and comments about our son. Alex. Every day he gets a bit better.

We just found out the other day that we are under Farewell Orders, leaving the division, going to Syracuse DHQ. Just one more stressor in our life right now.

Sounds like all is well in your family. Good for you! Be blessed!

6:29 PM  

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