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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

School Days Meme... Memories from your K-12 years!

Apple Jacks or Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries? Apple Jacks if I have to choose from those two. Otherwise, I don't remember having cereal much. I would BEG for the mini boxes. You know the little itty bitty ones that come with 1 really great cereal and 7 yucky cereals?

Band or choir? Choir. And organ. I wish I had continued! I played organ in 4th grade and had all of my limbs working for it! Double keyboard and petals!! I also, of course, played the plastic flute.

Class ring? No.

Ducks or Battleships? Ducks? Wha?? Anywho... talk about cultural diffs - I played jacks and DOUBLE DUTCH!

Earning money? Occassional babysitting but first job at Ho Jo's! Age: 15. Paid under the table until I hit the big 1-6.

Favorite teacher? Mr. Gnat - 7th Math made me laugh and actually made me believe I MIGHT understand math. Mr. Pierce 6th grade - first teacher crush. There was an English teacher in high school - don't know her name but loved her spunk. She would say "Don't be making Mr. Wrigley rich!" - just like that! She was a hoot!

Go back and do over? No way. I sometimes have nightmares that I am back in school. Oh wait! That's my life! I teach! :-)

Home Economics? Oh my yes. In 7th grade it was divided into three categories: Sewing, Cooking, and Needle Arts. Hahahahahaha.... ok, sorry. So anyway, I STILL have one of the recipes I copied down for some sort of cookie. I don't know why I kept it but I am glad I did. I will have to find it and scan it to post. Sewing - we couldn't afford fabric so we got something cheap from the thrift store - seersucker. I made a pair of pants. And I do believe I have a picture of me wearing them! Again, something I will have to dig up and add to this post! Finally Needle Arts. I knew I would kick ass in this class because I already knew how to crochet. I SHOULD have learned how to knit but I wanted to feel successful at at least ONE of the three courses!!!! So I crocheted a little blanket. I still have it. WOW! Must take a picture of that too!

What is so amazing about the above is that I have NOTHING really from my childhood. We moved apartments a lot and mom just never kept things. So to have these things is pretty amazing now that I think of it!

Indoor recess? P.E.? Don't remember indoor recess. Probably played Heads-Up Seven Up. I do remember in P.E. not being able to climb the stupid rope dangling from the ceiling. There was always some little blonde haired girl who would shimmy up the rope like it was a ladder. Chick is probably pole dancing for a living now and making 4 times what I do.

Jacks or jump rope? Oops, I already answered this question above! So since I twisted it up, I'll put down the board game I loved to play the most: Shenanigans!!! I loved to "bowl" with the marble and I loved when I landed on the fortune teller!

Kickball or dodge ball? We played dodgeball ALL the time in gym. God, I hated that game! You spend your life trying to dodge objects aimed directly at you and then this? Come to think of it, maybe it was training for dodging bullets in Chester, Pa.?

Lunchbox? Yes. Metal. Always broke the thermos with the silver metal poison inside. I have a very bad memory of a lunch box where a roach got stuck inside the seam and I found it smushed in the crevice. Ah yes, kids... now you know why I cannot tolerate bugs in my home!!!

Musical? I think this means was I in a class production? Nope, just a talent show. (WHY?!?!) I sang "How Great Thou Art" - don't ask.

Number of school districts? one. number of schools? gazillion. Our schools were oddly catergorized. Larkin (K -1), Jeffries (2 - 4), a school in Brookhaven and one in Lynwood when I lived with my big sister, Connie. Let's see- another school for 5th and 6th. another for 7th... Smedley Jr. High for 8th and then Chester High (sort of).

Orange or apple? Best memory of Christmas was getting an orange AND an apple in my stocking! Fruit was expensive!

Playground equipment? Gosh I was a nut for the spinning thing - what was that called? Ah yes, the Merry Go Round!

Quiz team or debate team? Neither but I would write during 7th grade lunch. My girlfriends and I would write soap operas.

Recess? Merry Go Round, sharing secrets, and looking out through the fence wishing I were on the other side.

Spring break? No memories except having to sit in my room with no music from 12 -3 pm on Good Friday.

Team sports? Went to a pep rally once or twice.

Unfullfilled dream? From school years? Hmmm - no. I took care of it all when I grew up.

Valuable? It must have been. As crappy as my area was, something must have worked because here I am with a master's degree in education!

Walk or bus? Walk. And for miles! No! Really!

X Country or basketball? Um, I just remember a kick-ass drum line for the Chester High Band. You just HAD to move when you heard it!

Year? 1979.

ZZZs? Math class and reading Fahrenheit 451. Too young at the time to get it.

Okay, anyone else want to play along?


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