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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Freaky Thursday and Friday

Last night we had some heavy winds and rains sweep through our end of town. I happened to be on the way home from getting my haircut and not wanting to be in danger, I felt it best to duck into some stores to wait. (Work with me here) Thank goodness there was a shoe store and a Ross right where the storm looked like it might hit. :-)

Anywho... I walk into Ross and enjoy a little solitary shopping and decide to try on a few skirts. I take my selections to the dressing room and the young lady hands me the number card. I thank her and she mentions that I look familiar. I explain that I often come into the store so maybe she has seen me there. No, she says... I remind her of a teacher she had. I tell her I am a teacher! She asks were I teach and, of course, it's the school she attended. I ask her name. Wow... she was one of my 4th grade students! I remembered her name but she looked a lot different. And then she said:

"I am 20 now!"

Ouch. I was speechless. I am old enough to have former students help me with my purchases in a store in which they are employed.


I kind of wondered around aimlessly, unable to shake off the "wow I am getting old" feeling.

And then, to further that feeling, I had a cute little first grader tell me her name and in the same breath, explain that I was wearing shoes just like her grandma's!!!

Sparky said yeah but her grandma is probably only 40.



Blogger The Feathered Nest said...

Yep, Ouch! That was definitely freaky! But you must look the same as you did 16 years ago otherwise she wouldn't have recognized you:)


6:48 AM  

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