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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I've been back to work for two days - no kiddos yet, just work days and two in-service days coming up. That means the blogging slows down until I get back into my groove.

In the meantime, my niece posted a video about some national bingo night thingy. It reminded me of a story that I HAVE to share with you.

I went to the casino with my teacher friends. There were 4 of us. We were so clueless, we asked if we could share the blotter thingy. (They don't use chips to cover the #'s anymore, they use an ink thingy, did you know that?!) They are only a buck. The cashier just looked at us like we were nuts. We broke down and each shelled out a dollar and then she handed us this enormous sheet of bingo cards. Oh man.

As we enter the room we realize we are the youngest ones there. And we are all in our late 40's and 50's. So we sit down and they begin and we are just out of our element. There is a lady sitting near us with her plate of food and her little lucky dolls lined up on the top of her 3,000 bingo cards. She tries to help us as the game moves InCREDIBLY fast.

I excitedly whisper to my friend that I think I have a BINGO! and she says to yell. So I did! I yelled BINGO! And of course this made the whole room stop. The whoosing sound of the machine stops. The room grows silent after several groans and ALL EYES ARE ON ME. And I have to say the #'s outloud! REALLY LOUD! And I say them and stop, sitting with this wide grin on my face. Booyah, you old bats! I just scored me some moolah!!!

And when I stopped, an attendant came rushing over, looking at my card. Suddenly she yells out to the caller:

"She doesn't have double BINGO! It's only a single!"

Oh my goodness. I thought I was going to get pelted with lucky rabbit's foot keychains. Those old ladies were absolutely DISGUSTED with me that I didn't know it was a DOUBLE BINGO! Round. They rolled their eyes as my teacher friends rolled out of their chairs laughing at me. I thought they were going to kick me out of the bingo! room.

Slinky back into my chair, I continued to play but only half-heartedly. I knew that even if I did get a BINGO! I wouldn't dare call out to let them know.

My friends were great, too. We laughed and laughed (thank goodness I am the kind of person who can laugh at herself!) and they love it when I yell out BINGO! randomly now when we are together.

All I know is I have a new respect for the quick moving, nimble minded, troll doll loving, BINGO! playing little old ladies!


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