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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fifteen Things You'll Never Hear Me Say

1. "Please, no more chocolate. I am sick of it."

2. "I know it’s 115 today but at least it’s a dry heat here is Arizona."

3. "Honey, I did the laundry!"

4. "I wish I could work all summer. I am one of those eduholics. I just can’t ever stop thinking about school!"

5. "This dress is a little loose. Maybe I should try the size 4."

6. "I know it’s good to exercise so since it’s 134 degrees today, I will get up at 4:00 am to get my walk in."

7. "Johnny Depp is just not my cup of tea"

8. "I am not in the mood for Mexican food."

9. "No thanks." (To the question from Sparky “Do you want a Starbucks?”)

10. "I already have too many Aigner purses so I don’t need another."

11. "Let’s watch movies all day!”

12. "You’re not interupting me, I was just writing.”

13. "Why would I want to go to Paris?"

14. "That has too much bling on it."

15. "Ok, You can get a goldfish, Little L."


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