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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another post this morning...

I will get killed or rather "hooked" for posting this but I had to. See, it is a tradition in our family to have a THEMED birthday party for Sparky every year. We are usually in San Diego for his birthday but this year we are in Vegas (something about him turning 50 and he wanted to drink Glen Livet and get hookers but I explained that he can have the Scotch but hookers are not a part of his 50th birthday celebration and he doesn't seem to believe me. Every time we mention that it's his 50th birthday this year and we are going to Vegas to drink Scotch, he yells "And get hookers!" which is really funny because he is so quiet, you don't expect it. No one is sure if he is serious or not and I am kinda enjoying the looks on people's faces.)

So anyway, last year he was dressed as a pirate. One year we did a beach theme and got him in Hawaiian attire and we've done SpongeBob and Bob the Builder and camouflauge (inside family joke) and various other themes. Since we will be in Vegas, I need some ideas. I was thinking Frank Sinatra or Elvis.

And no, Sweetheart, you cannot dress like Hugh Hefner and get hookers!


P.S. By the way, hookers are illegal in Las Vegas (the city) and only legal in certain surrounding areas of Clark County - it's just a joke so do NOT be dissing on the old man, ummkay?


Blogger sweet pea said...

Vegas Vacation. Perfect theme. Your mention of Clark county put it in my head. we can refer to Lauren as Mr. Papageorgio all weekend!

9:38 AM  
Blogger Moron Family said...

Hehehe~! LOVE IT! I am headed to the party store today so I will get the required paper plates etc but yes yes yes!!!! VEGAS VACATION! Sparky has no idea what he is about to endure - I mean enjoy!!!

I CANNOT WAIT to be with my family! I know it's Daddy's B day but I am going to have my WHOLE LITTLE FAMILY with me!!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!!

Tell Don I am taking him and Daddy (and all of us) to the Titled Kilt for lunch on Wednesday as soon as we get into town!

Love you!

9:49 AM  
Blogger Moron Family said...

Dang - I meant to type TILTED Kilt but looking at the spelling - well, it kinda fits!

(talk about Freudian slip!!!)

9:51 AM  

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