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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Record Three Posts In One Day or How I Spent My Summer Vacation...

* How did you and your husband, wife, significant other, etc. meet?

We met at Camp Ladore over Labor Day Camp Meetings (church) in the year 1974. I was standing on some steps and he noticed me (why? I will never know) and started talking to me. I had never had a boyfriend or a first kiss and I thought I was getting those two things that weekend. I got the kiss, but not the boyfriend. I had to chase him for the next several years. When I finally stopped chasing him and moved on with my life, he decided he DID want me. (MEN!) Anywho, thankfully I finally let him catch me. :-)

* How were you proposed to?

Lame-o young 'ns that we were, we picked out a ring and then he put it in a homemade Easter Card. I still have the card. It read: "If the Easter Bunny were here he would say... (open card) "Will you marry me?" and the ring was taped inside the card.

* Was it love at first sight, or did it build slowly?

For me, it was love at first sight. Weird, I know. If you asked my jaded self today if I believe in love at first sight I would laugh at you. What can I say? I adore him more today than I did when I first laid eyes on him. The man is an unbelievable rock - caring and loving, giving and protective. So many more adjectives but I am veering off from the original question!

* When and where did you get married, and do you have any specific special memories of that day?

We were married in Chester, Pa. at our corps. August 4, 1979. Specific memories? Ummm, yeah. My husband had too much to drink the night before and it was hotter than hades the day of our wedding. He was not feeling well, unbeknownst to me! He was swaying at the altar - I thought he was just nervous. Suddenly my matron of honor (a nurse) came off the platform and took Sparky off my arm and led him out the side door of the chapel. I just stood there and watched my day crumble around me. Next, his sister (who was also in the wedding as a Jr. Bridesmaid) left the platform. I turned to watch Sparky's mom leave the chapel. I watch my dad slowly rise and my mother pull his arm and set him back down in his seat. (I think she knew my dad was leaving to kill Sparky if he wasn't already dead) and then I finally watched the minister leave. Eventually I realized that I should probably leave as well. I walked out of the side door and went into the hall. Everyone was standing around the bathroom. Sparky was in there puking his guts up. I looked outside at the bright, sunny day and thought RUN!!!!

But then I remembered that my parents had paid $100.00 for the wedding cake that was sitting in the church basement, waiting for the reception. I decided to stay. That's the logic of a barely 18 year old. As Sparky exited the bathroom, I got very close to his face and simply muttered, with gritted teeth, "Don't kiss me." We made it back to the chapel and got married. Sparky missed much of the reception as he made friends with the downstairs bathroom. My dad suggested I cancel the honeymoon. I suggested that I should just make Sparky's life a living hell, being the mature 18 year old I was. :-) We left for our honeymoon and along the way, we said maybe 3 words to each other. It was the grace of God that got us through that day. And the next years. I finally forgave him around year 25. :-) This year we celebrate 28 years of marriage. And I DO mean celebrate!

* What is the most romantic gift you’ve received?

It's probably not considered romantic but the best gift was a few Christmas's ago when Sparky had two old photos of my mom and dad enlarged and framed for me. I didn't even know he had these pictures! I cried like a baby. Sparky really came through for me. And I should say that he has ALWAYS come through for me. The wedding story above is just something that has to be told - it's a part of our history. Even though we didn't do our wedding well, we do marriage GREAT!!!!

* Where did you go on your honeymoon?

We went to New York City. I used to love that place! Now it just kinda scares me. Anyway, we visited the Statue of Liberty, the U.N. building and went to the top of the World Trade Center. I am really, really glad we had that experience. I will never forget that, in light of what happened.

* What words would you use to describe your marriage?
Solid and loving. Respect is the key word and choosing to love each other every day is the foundation. But Sparky is easy to love. Thus, the choice to love him every day is easily done.


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