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Friday, June 08, 2007

Show and Tell Friday

This is a fake tiffany style lamp that I fell in love with. It was sitting on the desk of our school's office manager. She had painted her office a dark olive green and it looked soooo lovely! I asked her where she got it. Fry's, was her reply. Fry's? As in I buy my diet dr. pepper/rootbeer and sliced cheese Fry's? Yes.....

Well I had some grocery shopping to do and I had a $20.00 coupon being the "loyal customer" that I am. I filled up my cart with apples, bread, and Shredded Wheat (so I could hide the potato chips and brownies under the cereal) and headed to the home part of the store. There it was! Only it was in a box and they had none out for examples so I totally would have just walked by it not knowing how beautiful it is when it is lit had I not seen it in the school's office.

Being the huntress that I am, I ordered Sparky to lift the box off the shelf and place it in the shopping cart. I then proudly slashed open the box and put it together MAH SELF and now it sits on the sofa table/bookshelf.

Now the lamp was only $39.99 but if you count the $20.00 coupon (because in my world of logic, I do) then it was only $20.00 cause I HAD to buy groceries anyway.

Ain't she pretty?


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