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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Things I Should Be Doing Today

1. Looking over the car insurance to make sure we are covered correctly.
2. Paying the bill after realizing I have no idea what "covered correctly" is.
3. Looking at our mortgage and the current rates to see if we should refinance.
4. Writing the credit bureau about a 10 yr old "negative" item that has shown up. I have a letter that states it is NOT a negative item and that it WAS paid 10 years ago and the amount owed was $40.00. Did you hear me say it was PAID and that when this happened 10 years ago I was smart enough to get a letter from JC PENNEY stating that it WAS paid and was PAID on time?
5. Looking for the letter from JC Penney to PROVE I am not some sleeze ball non bill payer.
6. Rolling over Sparky's IRA from his previous job. (I'm just 10 months behind on this one)
7. Making meatloaf with the now probably gone bad ground sirloin that is sitting in the fridge.
8. Reviewing the life insurance information I recently received. We are going with a "return of premium policy" now.
9. Adding more ice to my iced tea.
10. Making more sun tea.
11. Get a shower.
12. Unload the car from yesterday's shopping trip to make room for today's shopping trip! (HOW I LOVE MY TIME OFF IN THE SUMMER WITH LITTLE L!!!!)
13. Brush my teeth.
14. Make an appointment with the credit union to switch our savings account to a higher yeield something or other.
15. Order Sparky's birthday present.

What I AM doing?

Reading all of my house blogs and decorating boards.


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