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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Shopping Spree!

Knowing that Sparky was having some major dental surgery today and that Little L and I would be playing nurse for the next four days, we spent Tues. and Wed. tearing up the stores. I have often thought that if I lived in a town that had actual stores, I would be dirt poor. Luckily, all we have that I like are Home Goods, Ross, and Crate and Barrel. I also like Pottery Barn but rarely buy things there unless they are on sale. I adore Williams Sonoma but same thing there. The kids often get me a gift card for Williams Sonoma and I love that! I buy something that I would love to have but would never spring for myself. Last year I broke down and bought (with my gift card!) a Wustoff (spelling?) knife. I gotta tell you - I love chopping and cooking now! Anyway, I have digressed... are ya surprised?!?!

Back to the past couple days. (And by the way, Sparky is doing well. He is napping and he has not been in a lot of pain, thank goodness. He was a little white for awhile after spitting up tons of the red stuff that runs through our veins but he is doing much better.) SO ANYWAY - the shopping spree. (I'll get there, give me a break)

I took pictures and I now present my treasures! They have not all been placed yet but I hope to get them into their proper "homes" this weekend.

I've been craving one of these lovely bells since last year. I saw one at Pottery Barn for $18.00. Not bad! But I found this one at Home Goods. The heavens parted and the light shone down on it as I laid my eyes on her. She was only $9.99.

These are "cabbage" plates. They are a great choice for texture and color in the dining room.

These black patterned (almost toile!) plates are just gorgeous!!! I have a plate stand that I needed plates for. I saw these and instantly knew they were perfect! They also found their home and the next pictures shows the stand with the new plates. These plates were on clearance for $3.00!!!

Another item I have been wanting - a giant apothecary jar. Again, all over the place at Pottery Barn for way more money than I am willing to spend! This little gem was $16.99 at Home Goods. I would marry Home Goods if I weren't already married!!!

I am a sucker for a beautiful plate. I bought two of these on clearance for $2.00. I also bought a larger one with a slightly different pattern for $3.00. I am not sure where these are going yet but they are going to be hung up this weekend!

These are table runners. Again with the cheapness of the cost at Ross and Home Goods! The cream colored one will go on my dining room table and the greenish one might be stolen by Little L. She is currently redoing her bedroom. Speaking of which, she picked out a lovely Monet print that is her inspiration piece. I will post pics of that later. But I do have the shelf we found that goes with the Monet piece... here ya go...

One more picture. I found a beautiful frame and a print I loved at Michael's. I will hang this over the bed. I will take pictures after I get the print framed and on the wall. In the meantime, here is a not so clear picture of it!

And last but not least is the new little summer purse I snagged at Mervyn's. Not so little but not huge either. Plenty of room for wallet, cell, keys, sunglasses and case, coupons, bottled water, receipts from the shopping spree, reading glasses, etc! The color screams summer! I wish I had thought to look for a summer Aigner purse while I was in Reading, Pa. but I didn't think of it then.


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