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Mum likes reading, decorating, shopping with the girls, and Starbucks. She also feels funny writing in the 3rd person. Papa (also known as Sparky) is currently looking at me with a blank stare having asked him to add something about himself to the blog. (Now he wants to say something) The only thing he loves more in life than music and Coke is his wife and kids. (Awww...) :) Little Lotte is a genius on the computer and makes me fall over laughing every day with her quick wit. She loves computers and animals. Sweet Pea abandoned her family and moved to Phoenix for work and is now married as of 2/28/06. She is beautiful and smart and the most nurturing person I know. She gave me the greatest gift ever when she made me a grandmother. I am the proud Mum Mum to Andrew Christopher. There are no words to describe the joy of having a grandson!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Saturday at Sabino

Since Sparky is still recovering from his recent dental surgery, I offered to take Little L and her friends to the movies. While they were in the cool, air conditioned theather, I had the brilliant idea to go to Sabino Canyon. It was only in the high 90's today but wow... this heat is just not easy to take the older I get. I talked to Sweet Pea on the phone today and mentioned how I always feel like I am in some cosmic oven, waiting for someone to poke me with a fork to see how well done I am. I just feel like I am constantly "cooking" - ewww! I am bitter. I admit it. I get bitter every June waiting for the monsoons to arrive.

And now that I have gotten that off my chest, here are a few pictures from my solitary walk in Sabino today.


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