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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Why I Can't Live Back East

Not shown: large cheesesteak with sweet peppers.

This was taken in Oct. 05 when we were back east. Our first stop off the plane from Philly airport is Phil and Jim's in Chester, Pa. We stopped there again when we were back east this past April. They still make THE BEST cheesesteak. We stock up on Tastycakes and Herr's chips for the rest of the time that we are visiting so NO I didn't eat that bag of chips in one sitting nor did I devour all of those Tastykakes. Sparky and I talked about how it's the nostalgia of it all. He always comes home with 3 huge shoo fly pies that we always end up throwing away. We decided that we just need to visit at least once a year and get our fill of "home" and then we won't feel the need to hoard when we get off the plane! I am hoping we can take Little L and visit in October. We shall see!


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