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Monday, November 26, 2007

20 things you would love to find in your Christmas stocking

1. A starbucks gift card
2. Snowflake Bentley ornament for 2007
3. “trash magazines” (you know, Star, People, In Style, etc.)
4. Hershey kisses
5. Blueberry Sage tea from Tea of Wisdom
6. Red sparkling fingernail polish
7. Just about anything with glitter on it
8. Just about anything “blinged” out
9. Yardley’sLavender body wash
10. A heart shaped diamond ring
11. A gift certificate for a european facial at Gadabout
12. A trip to San Diego
13. Anything toile
14. A fireplace for my livingroom
15. A pearl ring or bracelet
16. A blingy Snow White watch
17. A Philadelphia Cheesesteak with Herr’s chips
18. A new kitchen - the looks like Ina Garten’s (white cabinets, black granite countertops, green paint, stainless appliances, an in-wall oven, and a walk- in pantry.
19. A trip to Paris
20. Johnny Depp*

*Can be substituted with Sparky in a pirate costume.


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