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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Trip to D.C. Oct 1st

I do not believe I posted our pictures from our trip to D.C.

It was really great and really bad.
Really Great:
Got to spend time with my neice and my great nephews and other assorted family members!
Finally got to see the Lincoln Memorial!
Family time with Sparky and Little L!

Really Bad:
SOOOO hot!
The Cassatt that I have waited for YEARS to see? The very reason I hit the BUY button on the airlines tickets?
Not. On. Display.

I cried.

Our name, moronfamily, comes from the Vacation movies... do you remember when they drove across country to see Wallyworld and it was CLOSED! That was us... I ran into the museum even though we had walked 47 miles from the metro to the Wash. Monument to the Museum. In the heat. Having only eaten a bag of chips ALL DAY. And... it was not there. We asked.

Me: Curled in a fetal position, crying in a corner of the museum floor.

Sparky: Excuse me, Miss Museum Guide Information Lady, can you tell us where the Cassatt paintings are located?

Miss Museum Guide Information Lady: Let me look for you! (She flips through the museum book, occasionally looking over her reading glasses to see what the loud sobs are coming from the corner.)

Miss Museum Guide Information Lady: Wow! Look at this, would ya! We have over a DOZEN Cassatts - and only 2 are on display! Hmmmm!

Me: Laying postrate, pounding floor, screaming, "Why God, Why do you toy with me so?!?!"

Sparky: Thank you.

So we left. But we were hungry. We had not eaten all morning or afternoon unless you count the bag of chips we scored from a hot dog cart and the hot dog Sparky and Little L shared. (I'd have to be on my deathbed to eat a hot dog thus I have only had some chips.)

Defeated we rush to the musuem cafe only to find it closes at 3:00 and it's 3:10. Had I not spent the last 20 minutes running from room to room, searching for the painting that was to be the highlight of my trip (Children Playing in the Sand) ... I just don't even want to go on at this point...

We leave, stumbling into the blinding heat and sit for a full 20 minutes on the musuem steps, trying to gather the energy to walk across the street to catch the metro.

Speaking of which - that was a hoot! So you drive to a parking lot. Park the car. Catch a bus. Get off the bus. Go into the underground. Buy tickets from a machine. Stand around looking lost. A man in a uniform comes up and rolls his eyes while explaining which turnstile to go to. You board the metro. We forget what city folk are like, having lived with the coyotes and stagecoaches for so long!

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5129946709899383634" />

We arrive at the "mall" where all of the monuments are. Little L thinks she is Spiderman and tries to scale the walls of the Washington Monument.

The White House from inside the Washington Monument. I have a GREAT zoom on my camera.

We go up inside the Washington Monument and enjoy the views. We come back down and walk to the Lincoln Memorial. This has been a dream of mine for a long time.

This bizarre picture is taken from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. I turned around at the top of the steps to take Sparky's picture when this crazy butterfly flew right in front. Can you see it?! It's right above his head. I can't believe I just happened to click when it was flying by. Look at the wings! Click on the picture to enlarge!

A painting from my sista from Philly (Mary Cassatt)

This was one of two Cassatt's I did get to see.

Trip to Wash., D.C. to see Cassatt painting that wasn't on display? = $1500.00
Bus and metro tickets = $25 or something like that.
Bag of chips, 2 sodas and1 hot dog = $20.00 (I know, right?!)
Snapping a picture of what appears to be a large, mutated butterfly landing on Sparky's head? = Priceless


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