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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What I Did on my Christmas Vacation

I forgot to post the before and after pictures of Sweet Pea's room my office! During Christmas time, it becomes gift and wrapping central so I really needed to get in there and organize. I was able to use pretty much what I already had. I just bought a few things for organizing. I can't wait to get the floors done (THAT IS NOT A HINT, SPARKY! yes it is) and then it will be perfect! I am thinking of selling the emac because we all use our laptops so it's basically a paperweight at this point.

I love the office because Sparky even put a tv in there! So I can have it quiet or I can watch my cooking shows while I am paying bills. The next goal is to actually take the sewing machine we bought in June OUT of the box and LEARN how to use it. I am thinking Spring Break. I'll post pictures of the sewing machine once I free it from it's box. In the meantime... here are my before and after photos just like on HGTV. :-)




Anonymous the feathered nest said...

Just gorgeous! Of course you know I love all the toile and those boxes are pretty. Love all the Eiffel Tower things too -(is that Hello Kitty by your monitor). You did a really good job on this makeover!


2:41 PM  
Anonymous sweet pea said...

Looks great mom!!!! Can;t wait to see you this week!

Love you!!!

11:57 PM  

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