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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Yummy, Thy Name is Sanchez.

I didn't want to include a food entry/pictures with the post of sunsets because it just felt wrong so I waited until today to share one of our favorite restaurants in Tucson.

Casa Sanchez.

We have been eating at this place for 15 years and the only thing that has changed is that they hung up some straw sombreros on the ceiling recently. This place has the best food, hands down, for a mom and pop operation. Occassionaly I have tried some dishes but basically I stick to the same thing: #1 with green corn. That means I get a huge plate of a green corn tamale, a cheese enchilada, rice, and beans.

Sparky always gets a bean/cheese burrito, bear down style, side of sour cream. Bear down style is a nod to the U of Az. (Bear Down, Arizona!) and it means the burrito is smothered in enchilada sauce. This little restaurant is so homey. You go up to the counter and order your food (but it is NOT fast food as in Taco Hell) and you get a #. Then you go to the salsa and chips bar. We are STILL eating mild salsa even after 15 years here. How sad is that?!?! Then you must scoop some fresh cilantro/fresh chopped onions on top of the salsa. Once you get that first warm chip in your mouth, your # is called and you go up and get your plates. We have a favorite table but it was being used last night! (How dare they! Didn't they know we were coming in?) The owner knows us and always greets us with a smile and asks how we are tonight. Seriously, he recognizes us no matter what night we come in. I love that!

Then Sparky and I sit and enjoy our food. We talk about how we can never leave Tucson if it means leaving Sanchez. We talk about the lack of good mexican restaurants in Tucson. We then talk about we wouldn't even know if there were other good restaurants because we are loyal to Sanchez and are not going to try something else.

Then we plan our our retirement, share our hopes and dreams, frustrations of work or the day, how blessed we are, make plans for the rest of the night and before you know it, the food is gone from our plates.

Do you have a favorite mom and pop place to eat?


Blogger Susie Q said...

Oh how good. We have a little Mexican place near us that we go to and love.
There are several small places here that we frequent. WE seldom go out by ourselves anymore but I really enjoy it when we do! It is such a treat!

Now I have a craving for a burrito....hmmmm


12:15 PM  
Blogger sweet pea said...

Talk about fueling a poor pregnant woman's cravings!!! My God those pictures looked good enough to eat!

P.S. I expect a burrito on your next trip to see me. ;-) LOL

3:43 AM  

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