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Friday, December 28, 2007

WTF?! Rachael Ray (My second post of the day - I LOVE WINTER BREAK!!!)

So today I am busy as a winter bee, cleaning the kitchen, putting up my winter decor, taking down the Christmas stuff, and just generally organizing the kitchen and dining room. I needed a little break so I sat down for uno momento and the tv happened to be on Rachael Ray's talk show. (My loving family knows that I cannot turn off the tv in the bedroom or I will never figure out how to turn it back on.)

So I watch her do a cooking segment on her talk show (and might I add that is it painful for me to listen to her raspy voice because she sounds like she has a double infection in each lung and can barely breathe between words - give up the ciggies, girlfriend!) but anyway - there she is making soup. Yum! Or Yumo-O! as she says.

But the really weird thing was the way the audience was acting as she cooked. With every ingredient that she added to the soup, the audience would applaud and whistle.

It went like this:

RR: Add the noodles last because they don't need as long as the chicken to cook. Now add some carrots.

Audience: applause, applause.

RR: Now I am going to add some fresh parsley.

Audeince: whistle, applause, moans!

RR: And to top it all off, I am going to add some PARMIGIANO REGGIANO!!!!!

Audience: stands on feet, whistles wildly, APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE!!!!

So I am going to try cooking in front of the family tonight. And I'm going to see if I get the same reactions as I am cooking. (And no, Sparky, I am not going to cook in the nude - I know I would get applause for that from you.)

But my family better be on their feet, screaming and moaning at each ingredient that I throw in the pot or I am not cooking anymore! If RR can get perfect strangers to encourage her while she cooks, I should at least get a "good job" out of them, don't ya think? Yeah.... dream on. Here is more of how it would go in my kitchen.

Me: I am going to make dinner!

(Haha, actually, it would be more like hey! let's call for a pizza! but for the sake of funny and my blog, let's pretend, shall we?)

Me: I am making cheese enchiladas!!!

Little L: smirks

Sparky: What's for dinner?

Me: I just told you, I am going to make enchiladas!!!

Me: waiting for applause. blink,blink...crickets chirp.

Little L: Can I have something else?

Me: Sigh - you never eat what I cook. I am not a short order cook! Next week you are going to sit down with me and tell me what you like and then .....

Little L: Thinks to herself - I hear a blah, blah, blah sound, but I am not sure where it's coming from.

Me: And we will go to the store and buy groceries so you eat something that I actually cook!!!

Little L: Can I have potatoes?

Me: Yes, but you are making them.

Little L: ok by me.

Me: Here, let me put the potatoes in the oven.

Sparky: Is there anything I can do to help?

Me: Yes, help me get the foil for the potatoes so I can wrap them.

Sparky: Do you have sour cream?

Me: Crap.

Sparky: It's ok, I 'll go to the store and get some.

Me: Ok, while you are there pick up a store chicken. And some french bread. And some chocolate cake for desert.

Little L: Dad is going to the store? Can I go?

Me: Yes but you are having potatoes so no junk food!

Sparky: You want to just have the chicken and potatoes then?

Me: I'll make cheese enchiladas tomorrow night.

Still waiting for applause.

Me: Naked.

Sparky: stands on feet, whistles wildly, APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE!!!!

Little L: Never mind, I've lost my appetite.


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