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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Crazy

ok.... um rough week. Busy week. Preaching to the choir, right?

Last night we came home and snuggled on the couch and watched It's A Wonderful Life with Little L. She had never seen it before. I am a failure, right?!

It was sooo relaxing and fun because she had funny comments and questions throughout.

Today we went to finish the last of the Christmas shopping. I THINK we might be done. I always swear I will be done before Dec. but something always pops us. We got some great bargains and enjoyed the time together. My new favorite thing is a Venti Starbucks black tea, no sugar. I could drink them all day long!!!

And now for today's ornament.... this is San Xavier Mission. We bought it one time when we were visiting. We like to visit there at Christmas because it's beautiful with all the decorations and poinsettias. We buy Indian Fry bread and walk around, light a candle in the chapel, and take lots of pictures. The gift shop happened to be open last a few years ago so we picked up this little ornament as a reminder of one of our Christmas traditions.


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