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Sunday, December 02, 2007

His Better Half?

Well we did it! We tackled the outside lights today and it looks mahhhhvelous!

Here are the photos:

I helped Sparky hang the new wreath we bought yesterday!

Here I am helping Sparky to put up the white light tree.

I also helped Sparky hang the lights around the garage.

Sparky! You didn't catch the lights when I dropped them!

It's ok - we have replacement bulbs that I bought at Kmart in 1987 for 25 cents. Gotta love those day after Christmas sales!

I'm helping Sparky to hang the lights around the front door in this photo.

Sparky!!! You dropped the lights!!!

Sparky made fun of me when I bought these for 25 cents in 1987. Aint laughing now, are ya, Sparky!? These are really coming in handy!

Now it's time for me to help Sparky place the garland around the door.

Here I am helping to unpack the candy cane lights.

These are really hard to get into the ground. Good thing it rained yesterday to help soften the ground or my arms would really be hurting tonight!

I notice that one of the candy cane lights is crooked and lovingly mention that to Sparky. He points to me with his finger. At least, I think he is pointing. What are you pointing at, Sparky? Why aren't you using your pointer finger?!

The house is finally done and we can't wait until night to take photos. Unfortunately, when I went outside to take photos, I forgot to change the setting on my camera from PROGRAM to AUTO and thus, the fuzzy photos.

If I weren't so exhausted from helping Sparky all day, I would go back out tonight and retake the pictures.

But that is going to have to wait until another night when I am not so tired! Thanks for all of your help today, Sparky! And... I know you are thinking that same thing and all I can say are welcome! It was my pleasure to help you!


Blogger vanb8hoven said...

good job sweety!!!!! I couldn't have done it without you!

7:52 PM  

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