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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Weekend Update

What a wonderful weekend I had. And I sooo needed it!

Firday night began with our yearly tradition of going to see The Nutcracker at Centennial Hall. It was moving, as always. We have seen it so many times that we notice the changes some subtle, some not, in the choreography and enjoy discussing our favorite things as we walk back to the car.

I love going to The Nutcracker because of the live orchestra. We always spend some time before finding our seats to look into the orchestra pit and watching the musicians warming up. After finding our seats, I enjoy the large, projected snowflakes on the curtain. I love snowflakes!!! The next thing that I love so much is the scene in the house. I imagine Sparky and I in those days, a beautiful victorian home which I would lovingly decorate and care for, hosting a Christmas party for our friends and neighbors. I love when they send the party guests off at the end of the party and they hold hands while looking at the Christmas tree, fulfilled and content that they spent the night with friends, family, loved ones - but now it's just the two of them, heading to snuggle in their warm bed.

The snowflake ballerinas were the absolute best on Friday night! There is nothing quite like seeing a blue lit stage with sparkling, larger than life snowflakes framing the stage and 16 beautiful ballerinas in pure white tutus and sparkling jewels in their hair. And then the dancing - moving about as snowflakes would... just breathtaking!

The whole thing just leaves me speechless by the end. What a feast for the eyes and ears, as well as my heart. Thank you, Sparky and Little L, for enjoying and loving this beautiful ballet as much as I do. I love sharing this with you every year. (I miss taking you with us, Sweet Pea!)

On Saturday morning, we took a little ride to enjoy the rain. We saw a rainbow over the mountains. We then finished up some shopping and enjoyed a grilled cheese and tomato soup lunch on a cold, almost blustery day! HOW I LOVE THE COLD AND RAIN! Saturday evening, we ventured south to go to Tubac for their Luminaria Nights. We walked in the cold, drank hot tea, took photos, talked, squeezed each other's hands, and felt rested and relaxed. On the way home, Sparky suggested going to the casino since we pass right by. Oh, fine. We put in $20.00 and quickly it became $70.00 Cool! Now we can play a little with their money. We played for about an hour and we were down to $17.00. I was happy to go but decided to play a dollar machine and won $95.00 I was done! We cashed in our ticket and walked out happy and $75.00 richer.

Today was spent grocery shopping, cooking, baking, talking for a long time to Sweet Pea on the phone, and cleaning out the pantry. (Sparky did the pantry, is he the best?!?!?!? He is sooo organized! I love that!) Tonight it is raining - the perfect ending to a perfect weekend.


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