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Friday, December 07, 2007

Kicked Around

Today was one of those days. I had a third grade student deck one of my 1st graders. I went to the 3rd grader to ask him to apologize at which point he began kicking me. I put a hold on him and he screamed that I was pinching him. Knowing that I can get sued to hell if he claims I hurt him in the hold, I let go. He ran and I went to the office to file the incident. Unfortunately, nothing will happen. This child is trouble with a capital T and has been for a long time. When I ask if he is getting therapy, counseling, etc for his behavior, anger, and foul language, no one knows the answer. He is falling through the cracks and will one day shoot people in a mall.

That is what amazes me the most. We have these mentally disturbed people who go nuts and shoot up innocent people and we stand around scratching our heads when they are in elementary school. Today is one of those days when I have very little hope in the future of mankind and even less hope that I can be in this profession for another 11 years until retirement.

Happy Friday.


Blogger Mrs4444 said...

I know those little shin-kickers, too, only mine are in middle school. Here's my secret:

1) Catch them being good whenever you can.
2) Call home right away to report something good (refuse to talk about anything else)

The extra time this takes reaps rewards like I can't believe. Poor kid...can't imagine what happened to his sense of wonder, his security in life, etc. Sure would like to sterilize his parents, wouldn't you?

Hope your days with him have been better...

P.S. Thanks for stopping by! :)

6:09 PM  

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