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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My First Born Angel

This little ornament was made by Sweet Pea when she was in elementary school. I am sad to say I am unsure if it was 1st or 2nd grade but I know it was one of those. That was her handwriting in 2nd grade so I going to guess it was 2nd grade. Sweet Pea went to a private Christian school while we lived in Huntingdon, Pa. We paid for it out of our meager salary as officers in The Salvation Army because we had already tried 1st grade in public school and she was, to be frank, just too smart for that school. Enrolling her in that private school was the best thing we could have done. She had the greatest, sweetest, most incredible teacher. This teacher inspired Sweet Pea and enouraged her. This teacher nurtured Sweet Pea to become a life long learner. This teacher had high expectations for her students yet displayed such kindness. Sweet Pea loves a good learning challenge and she literally ate up every bit of learning that was given to her by this young woman. Sweet Pea loved her dearly and at the end of the year, this young teacher gave us a book of the year of memories (before scrapbooking became popular - she was already doing it!) that we still treasure to this day.

Now about Sweet Pea. She is doing well! Finally over the morning sickness and confronted with a dental issue, this has been a rough pregnancy. I am so proud of her for working through it. She still works full time and tends to her house and husband. She is nesting and enjoying the time she has before baby makes three. When I saw her just before Thanksgiving, she was positively glowing! Her hair is growing like crazy and is smooth and shiny. Her beautiful Irish rose tinted cheeks were smooth and healthy. It was so nice to see her feeling better after the rough few months. Now if only the tooth thing will settle down, she will enjoy the last trimester of pregnancy!

Sweet Pea - I love you dearly.



Blogger sweet pea said...

Awww! I love you mommy!!! That 2nd grade Teacher was awesome. I love her so much, when I showed up for the first day of school the next ear, I hung up my coat and backpack and walked right back into her classroom before she gently reminded me I was in the third grade now. Oops! ;-)

3:25 PM  

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