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Friday, December 28, 2007

Spelling Test

Dear Internet,

I know how you hate when people get all mad about spelling and grammar on the internet. Heck, even I, a teacher, have the bad manners to not spell check before I post on my own blog. But there is something I have to take care of. <--- note the ending with a preposition! See? I am NOT a grammar snob!)

I spent the morning writing the introduction for the blog changes that will occur here in the new year. And I have to make sure that the internet knows this:

desert: the place with sand and the "dry heat"

dessert: what you have after dinner

Now here is what I tell my students.

desert: has one s because there is ONE SUN that heats the desert.

dessert: is Super Sweet so it has two s's.

Is it too much to ask that you remember the difference between desert and dessert? I think not.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go eat my dessert (a Cinnabon!) in the desert (where I live)

Have a super sweet day in the desert, internet!



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