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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I am a grandmom!

My sweet Baby Roo is the most perfect creature ever. He is



perfect! What a doll.

So we drove back to Tucson today. I have to get some things ready for our school's big Saturday thingy (it's a big event in our district) so I have to get the displays ready but then I am headed back to Phx. on Friday night. As long as I get the set up done on Friday afternoon, I don't really see how I will have a problem getting out of Saturday. I am supposed to be at the awards ceremony because I was nominated for Teacher of the Year but ya know what? WHO CARES?! The thing is, they want you present because they don't tell you if you won until the actual ceremony but hello?!?! I AM MUM MUM Of the Year! So I choose to go back to Phx. I miss Baby Roo already. I had a little cry in the IN - n - Out burger joint about 3/4's of the way through my burger. I am tired and will be in a better mental state once I get through this week!

So Little Roo is having some bloodwork done. His white cells are abnormally high. Sweet Pea ran a fever during labor and delivery and Little Roo had one at birth. He is considered a preemie simply because he was born at 36 weeks. He had some breathing problems at birth so they brought in a specialist at birth. Poor Sweet Pea only got to hold him for about 3 minutes before they took him. He was born at 12:30 pm and she didn't get him back until 6 pm. But he is breastfeeding and that is good! Anyway, a neospecialist came in this am and said that the repeat blood work showed the white cell count high still so he wants to be overly cautious and go for antibiotics. So they took Little Roo to the nursery and placed an IV in him. Sweet Pea is going to breastfeed him in the nursery every 3 hours. Mr. Sweet Pea will not leave her so he is spending the night again with her, sleeping in a chair. Sweet Pea will stay to breastfeed.

Hopefully the blood culture will come back normal and they will get to take him home tomorrow. He looks wonderful! His skin is pretty and pink. He was sneezing a lot but the hospital staff is so wonderful so they are taking good care of Sweet Pea's Drew Bear. (Her nickname for him)

I had dreams about him all night last night and woke up, smiled at Sparky and said...

"I'm in love."



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