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Thursday, February 21, 2008


This year is the first time in 14 years that we are not going to the Rodeo Parade. I have mixed feelings. I hate the end of ANYTHING, as my family well knows. I do not believe this is the end of this fun tradition. I just think this year we need a little break. After the deadly accident last year, the whole mood of the parade has changed this year. There are many safety changes, which are good, but there is the constant reminder of the tragedy from last year. (You can google it, if you don't know about it)

So instead of packing snacks, camera, 2 jackets (layers are a must), water, sunscreen, blankets, and more snacks - I will be cleaning and organizing my house. Instead of going to eat some fantastic Mexican food after the parade, I will probably run to the Starbucks and grab a drink in between emptying kitchen cabinets and drawers.

I think next year will be a good time to bring back the tradition of attending the Rodeo Parade. Andrew will be almost one year old and Sweet Pea and Mr. Sweet Pea will be getting ready to celebrate their 3rd anniversary.

Sparky and I can take Andrew for a few days while they go off and celebrate and we will enjoy showing Andrew all the horses, buying him his first cowboy hat, and letting him taste some Mexican food. It's going to be a fantastic new tradition to start!

Speaking of Sweet Pea - here are some photos from the baby shower. What a wonderful day! We played games, we ate delicious food, we laughed, talked, cried. It was beautiful.


Blogger Susie Q said...

What a fun shower! Another little one to love! Maybe next year you can all go...don't work TOO Hard at organizing!


3:26 PM  

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