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Thursday, April 24, 2008


This whole FLDS thing is so strange. Why have they not found the 16 year old who made the phone call? More importantly, why were the children rounded up and removed from their homes? Why didn't the authorities round up all the men in the compound instead? The children did nothing wrong yet they are the ones to suffer.

Here is part of an article I read in the news today...

"We recognize it's critical that these children not be exposed to mainstream culture too quickly or other things that would hinder their success," agency spokeswoman Shari Pulliam said. "We just want to protect them from abuse and neglect. We're not trying to change them.""

Neglect? These children were NOT neglected. I've seen neglected children. I've taught neglected children. These children are NOT neglected. Stop adding adjectives to support your reasons for separating them from their mothers.

If you truly feel these children are in danger, and I agree that marrying off children against their will is wrong, then why weren't the MEN WHO WERE FORCING the marriages and MARRYING the children, and IMPREGNATING THE CHILDREN carted off? Why are the men allowed to continue to live as they always do while little children are crying at night for their mothers?

I don't fully know about the situation there, I understand that. I do know that we have teenagers all of our country that are pregnant and UNDER the age of 18 and many of them were impregnated by men over 18 so I don't understand why I don't read more news about these men being arrested and the pregnant teens being taken away from their parents. Why aren't those moms being carted off for not knowing where their teenage daughter was when she was off with a man who was breaking the law by sleeping with her?!? It's really no different. If it's against the law to marry and impregnate girls under the age of 18, then it's against the law, period and every pregnant teen that slept with a man over 18 should be held to the same accountability. Jamie Lynn Spears is 16 and pregnant right now!!! Why hasn't the government stepped and and taken her away to protect her from "neglect and abuse"???

I am not saying the FLDS are right or wrong. I am not debating their beliefs or lifestyle. I am questioning why the men, who are the ones who were breaking the law, are not the ones in custody?!

And do we really need to know there is a marriage bed in the temple? I am not Mormon and I am not pro or con Mormon but I do know that the media loves to take the most intimate detail and post it all over the news so that freaks in the world can obsess over that one piece of news.

It's like the news this morning about the RICE! LIMIT! Oh! My! God! RUSH! to COSTCO! and BUY! RICE! Before! WE! RUN! OUT! Argghhhhh!

Do any of you still have duct tape left over??!

Back to my point: I want the media to report on the law. What laws where broken and WHO WAS BREAKING THEM.

I want the MEN of the compound rounded up and arrested if they are the ones who illegally married and impregnated the girls. How can the government take away a 22 year old mother's 3 year old child?! How does that even make sense?!?

I have to stop now. I'm starting to run low on duct tape and Saran Wrap. I think I'll pick up some rice while I am at Sam's Club.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just for the record, I know nothing about a marriage bed anywhere.


3:33 PM  
Blogger Indigo Robe said...

Hi Jen,

I meant the temple bed that was reported in the media at the FLDS ranch.

Here is a link:,1,2512549.story

and there are tons more if you google it.

I think you maybe thought I was saying all temples had beds and that wasn't my intention.

I want to know your view about the kids and mothers/ you can email if you'd rather it be private. I just want to understand why the men are walking free and the children are without their mothers!

Love you,
Auntie M

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about this case. I unbookmarked CNN and all other news sites 2 or 3 months ago and I've been much happier!

I would guestimate though that the men are still free while the authorities continue to interview the children and wives and gather evidence. While the investigation continues, the authorities probably didn't want to risk the children's safety and continued (alleged) abuse.

I also haven't heard anything about a rice scare. My dr wants me to stop eating rice though, so maybe a shortage would be a good thing. Ha.

5:18 AM  

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