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Sunday, December 07, 2008

B is for...

I am reminded by the little voice in my head that this great endeavor of mine to fill up the blog with the ABC's of Christmas is shadowed by the failure of my attempt to post just 12 ornaments of the season last year. Failing miserably at that, I am undertaking this bigger task of 24 posts anyway. However, I fear that it may be the ABC's of Andrew at Chistmas at the rate I am going. My dear son in law's brother, Mike, a sweet man who loves his nephew dearly, has taken more photos of Boo Bear that I must share.

B is for Boo Bear!

This photo is magnificent. The lighting, the capture at floor level -- we are in the moment of wonder and discovery right along with Andrew. This photo reminds me of my favorite painting by Mary Cassatt - Children Playing on the Beach. That painting captures the essence of children being children - engulfed in their imaginative play, blissfully ignorant of camera and audience, they are able to just BE -- without worry of social acceptance or pleasantries.

Andrew exudes discovery and wonderment with this tiny ornament that has been, for several years, placed on a tree without hardly a thought by the adults who have seen it dozens of times. In the hands of a baby, it becomes brand new to all of us enjoying this journey of Christmas anew -- through the eyes of a child.


Blogger Musicaljean said...

I LOVE it!!

7:23 PM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

These are beautiful photos M!!!!! You've got a keeper there!

How are you feeling?

8:21 PM  

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