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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Continuation of Post...

Another tradition is choosing which stand to buy Indian Frybread from... we watched the cook pull a piece of dough from her cooler, smack it like a tortilla between both hands, and then deep fry the dough in oil in a cast iron skillet. Sprinkled with powder sugar, it is a treat that is best enjoyed outside where you can brush off the flecks of sugar that fly everywhere!

After we share a frybread, we feel like we should do something to help our hearts due to the digesting of the fried dough! Haha... so we walk up this hill that is adjacent to the mission. Once we walk up the hill, there is a beautiful view of Tucson. At the middle of the hill is a another hill made purely of rocks. There is a white cross at the top. Little L wanted to climb that part. We have never climbed that and I felt it was my job to commemorate the event by staying at the bottom of the hill to photograph the moment. I COULD have climbed the rocks if I wanted to but hey, I AM the family photographer! :-)

Lastly, some photos of the drive on the way out of the mission. There is a cemetary that is quite colorful. White crosses dot the landscape, bright hues adorn the graves, which are maintained daily by loved ones.


Blogger Chickenbells said...

I just loved that graveyard and wanted to stop, but we didn't get a chance...and the food? I should have totally stopped for that as well!!

8:30 PM  

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