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Monday, September 22, 2008

7 Things

7 Things I love:


2. the word : autumnal

3. anything and everything to do with fall, especially pumpkins

4. weekends away with Sparky, doesn't matter where

5. watching my grandson grow and develop the cutest personality

6. my breaks at school - fall and spring, as well as summer

7. a good facial from Gadabout

7 Pet Peeves:

1. Doing things over again because of someone else's fault.

2. People who walk by my office and either : stand there staring, not saying a word, when I look up give me a thumbs up and a dopey smile, tell me they are just trying to make me smile (leave me alone to get my work done and then I will show you a smile!), or make weird, strange noises as they walk by my office. WHY?!! Doesn't anyone work anymore!??!

3. Cutting me off with a grocery cart and then standing there while it's obvious I am headed in that direction so now I have to stop and wait for them to pick out their cherry flavored popsicles.

4. That my cell phone rings and I can NEVER answer it before it goes to voicemail, no matter HOW FAST I am!

5. People who mumble and then when you ask them what they said, they say "Nevermind!" Argh!

6. Cars that see you are waiting to turn right and they are coming from the left and don't put on their turn signal so as to indicate that they will not be crossing your path.

7. Having to have 349 different remotes to turn on ONE TV!!!!!!

7 Things I can't do:

1. Keep the gas tank filled. I fill up the gas tank but I wait till the last possible minute EVERY SINGLE TIME.

2. Drive a stick shift.

3. Wear a bikini. (it's that gallbladder surgery scar -- yeah, that's the reason!) :-)

4. decorate well with Toile although I try, try, try!

5. Cook very well. No really, I am not a good cook. It has nothing to do with my self esteem and everything to do with my lack of cooking skills and hating to read directions.

6. Keep plants alive.

7. look at fish.

7 Things I can do:

1. Teach

2. Make a great lasagna. It's pretty much the only thing I can cook.

3. Speak in front of people if I am properly prepared.

4. Listen well.

5. Write when I am inspired.

6. watch videos of my grandson sneezing or laughing over and over and over.

7. empathize with people

7 Characteristics I want to have:

1. patience

2. brave

3. kind

4. balanced

5. gracious

6. joyful

7. serene when needed

7 Things I can't live without:

1. My Family - Sparky, my girls and son in law, and my grandson

2. Baguettes

3. My eyelash curler and mascara

4. My moisturizer

5. My floss

6. My camera

7. My blowdryer

7 Things you might hear me say:

1. Can we stop at Starbucks?

2. Where's my Boo Bear?!!

3. I hate this heat. I wish it would rain!!!!!

4. Let's start walking again! Tomorrow!

5. Dinner's ready (as the smoke alarm goes off OR (in reply to what's for dinner) I DON'T KNOW! :-)

6. I miss my Baby Roo.

7. I love you.


Blogger Suzanne said...

I can't even get through your lists without wanting to laugh and comment on everything, so I'm going to have to email it to you over the next few days (my comments). I only have two things to say before then.

1) Your photos of your grandson are adorable! He's a doll!

2) You can't look at fish? That is a little weird when I was a kid, grocery shopping with my mom (she wouldn't cut people off in the freezer section to get cherry popsicles), I would go over to the fish section while she was picking out me, and poke at the fish eyes through the plastic. Wanna go try it with me sometime to help that phobia? :)

Oh, on a side note, you have THE hardest word verifications to have to type in...not your's oughta try it!

8:51 PM  

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