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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Snippets from a Saturday

Little Lotte: "Have you ever had these Bertie Botts?" (Harry Potter jellybeans)

Me: "No."

Little Lotte: "They taste just like the flavors - vomit, boogers."

Me: "Now how in the world would anyone know what boogers taste like??"

Little Lotte: Stares at me incredulously - "Now come on mom, like you never ate a booger when you were a kid."

Me: Stares back in disbelief. "Want some Gummi Worms?"


Little Lotte: "Mom, will you make your potato soup for dinner."

Me: "Yes."

A little later...

Little Lotte: Takes a bite of soup and leans on the hall wall for effect - "Oh my god, what did you do to this soup?" (It's THAT good)

Me: "I made it with love."

Little Lotte: Rolls eyes.

Me: "Seriously! I made it with love! And some green onion."


Blogger athens said...

You know, I beleive everyone who has ever mentioned the booger jelly beans has been asked the same question. :) I think that conversation was repeated word for word between my sister and me.

8:54 PM  

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