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Sunday, November 19, 2006

If you were a hamster, where would you hide??!

So Little Lottie is on this school trip to California and the very last thing she says to us as she leaves on Friday night is, "You will take care of my baby, right?"

And we are all.... NO WAY! HAHAHAHA! Cause we joke like that! We are a funny family! And of course we give the "rat" water and food and talk to him ocassionally.

Last night we are falling asleep and I hear this paper rattling in our bedroom. I wake Sparky up the third time I hear it - I figured a burglar was going through my stash of Paula Deen magazines beside my bed and Sparky must be the man and get up and chase the burglar away.

After checking the ENTIRE house for the burglar, we realize I must have been dreaming. Yeah, that's it. It was a dream. As we drift back to sleep we hear it again but at this point, we are too tired to get up and investigate. If it is a burglar, it's just as well because even though I buy the Paula Deen magazines, I never make the recipes in them so I say - burglar, have at 'em!

Today Sparky and I are shopping, talking, laughing. We start thinking about the funny sound last night. I say it reminded me of a mouse, rustling through papers. Sparky says, we should check the hamster cage when we get home. Dang if he wasn't right! That freakin' hamster is the Spiderman of Hamsters and scaled a GLASS ACQUARIUM!!!! Don't ask me how! I have no idea!

So instead of resting tonight, we are frantically searching for the hamster. I even Goggled: LOST HAMSTER. Basically, they say to just put out food and water and maybe he will come home.

He better freakin' get home before Little Lottie or we have some 'splainin' to do. And it's going to be LATE - well after midnight till she gets in. And she HAS to go to school tomorrow because they've already informed the students it will be unexcused. Maybe I should just tell her in the morning?!


Blogger sweet pea said...

Oh where oh where has my little hamster gone? Oh where oh where can he be? With his cage so empty and his rustling all night, oh where oh where is he? ;-)

I'm sure you guys will find him. good luck! :-p

9:56 PM  
Blogger Moron Family said...

Do you know " Wind Beneath My Wings"?



9:07 PM  

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