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Monday, October 23, 2006

Don't be calling Nancy Grace...

I'm here... just busy, busy, busy.

So lemme see.

Nutshell version since last post:

(Like I could possibly remember everything I've done since my last post)

I went to a two day writing conference. It was awesome. She said her goal was to nudge and affirm. I loved it. I was affirmed, apparently I DO know how to teach writing. I was also nudged to add more to my tool bag. Good stuff. I LOVE conferences. I am one of those crazy people that sit in the front and write notes like mad and nod my head in approval. Yeah, I always seem to have the seats on either side of me empty. :) But I actually had someone sit next to me and we did have group stuff to do (I don't like group activities though) and the two young girls in my row invited me to lunch with them. Taco Hell and then I sat and listened while one girl went on and on about how knowlegeable she is at teaching (it's her second year) and the other sat on her cell phone talking to who knows who. When they invited me the second day, I graciously declined. I ran to Los Betos and ordered some rice and a cheese quesadilla and read trash magazines in silence for one hour. GLORIOUS!

While there, I stayed with Sweet Pea. We went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner and we forgot to tell them to place the honey bread in a seperate basket from my baguette and thus, the deadly allergic reaction. It was a good one too! Thought we would have to go to the hospital for this one. Hives, swelling, so much histamine going to attack in my system. But Sweet Pea has seen me have these reactions and knows how to calm me down. We got my medicine and all was well.

The second night I was there we were to Pei Wei. Pei Wei is of the devil. IT IS SOOOOO YUMMY!!!! It's got to be the freshest tasting chinese food I have ever had. AND - I sometimes get reactions from the MSG but they don't use it and no other preservatives so I am able to eat it. It was just wonderful to sit and eat with Sweet Pea and the man who stole her from me (otherwise known as her husband). They tried to get me to watch LOST - but I was... well, LOST in a major way. It required too much prior knowledge (I have never seen the show before) and too much keeping track (I drink so much diet soda I have no memory cells left - yeah, that's the reason) and so I couldn't keep up but I DID try!

I cannot tell you how much fun I had with Sweet Pea and TMWSMSP (the man who stole my sweet pea) but it gets harder and harder to leave Sparky. I just miss him too much. We both cannot sleep alone and I just ache for him. After 28 years, I am pretty sure that is just wrong. Oh well.... he is my sweet man and it could be worse. I could WANT to be get away from him. He better not die before me cause I will be forced to either stuff his body and buy one of those large body pillowcases to cover his dead self or I will have to buy a very large dog. I don't want to even think about it.

Did I ever tell you that Little Lottie applied for a grant and GOT IT?! All $500.00 that she asked for!!! I AM so proud of her. She had to make a presentation and answer questions and she was, like, grown up! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!???? Anyways, way to go darling, I love you so much! YOU have the drive and passion to make your dreams come true!

So back to school this morning - back to I didn't plan a menu for tonight or the week (and that is what I SHOULD be doing instead of the blogging!!!) so Sparky is stopping at Pei Wei. Yes, we have one in Tucson. Yes, chinese is going to be on the menu a lot more now.


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