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Friday, October 06, 2006

No answers...

The Amish Tragedy has been heavily on my mind, as it has been on our country's mind. Why? How? Why?

If you've never been to Amish Country, you cannot phathom the peacefulness (intertwined with the ever growing and spreading commercialism) that exists there. When we were visiting last year, I stopped the car at a one room school house. Being a teacher, I wanted a picture of the school. It's odd though because I completely felt like I was intruding just by sitting there in the car to take a picture of the building. I don't take pictures of the Amish out of respect but I love to photograph the buildings, the quilts flapping in the breeze, the cows in the field, the horses clippity-clopping by - pulling the carriages.

Why our daughters? What is happening in this world? Why the obsession with killing our little girls?

Women, what are we going to do? I could be wrong but I am pretty sure that these murders (and sexual molestations or attempts at that) are happening with deranged men, not women. Are we, as mothers, not raising boys to love and respect women? Is it the media? Repressed sexuality and then aggressive campaigning by the media and corporations to sexualize everything? WHAT is causing this?

Do we need to arm every mother in America? It's all crazy talk, I realize. I know that the Amish are not going to bear arms and thus, this would have happened either way. Is out country too big? Too out of control? When is enough is enough? Where are we safe? And again, WHY OUR DAUGHTERS!??? Wake up, Moms. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you are offbase on part of this. I can recall a woman CHASING her babies as they begged and pleaded with her not to hurt them as she drowned them one by one in a bathtub. Yet another put her own children in the back of her car and drove it into a river, drowning them. To make things even more interesting, many feminist groups came out and stated that these poor women were "sick" and needed treatment. There are more possible examples.

I would like anyone to show me a group of men who have come out and talked about how sick and in need of help the perpetrator is. This is not a case of "men" being evil, or "women" being evil, but of evil itself. To paint so broadly is, in my opinion, erroneous.

To your last point, if you want to arm our daughters, just make sure that you teach them to shoot.

Seriously, this was a heartbreaking incident, and the compassion of these people was shown by the fact that many of the Amish people showed up to the funeral of the person who killed their children. They certainly have much more compassion than I could ever fathom having.

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