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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I think I need a break from news and blogs...

SO I am here on the computer while the dishwasher is being installed and I read a post at a popular "mommy blog" about her son doing something wrong at school. It involves "destroying another student's property and writing the word sucks" but she is sure that "other circumstances" contributed to his decision to do this. ?????? Personal responsibility, people, PLEASE!

Then people (other mothers of boys) write comments to say things like : my little baby got in trouble at daycare but he was only 6 and sleeping like and angel when I got there so it was ok. (

Another comment was this: "I am constantly trying to please everyone" (by discipling her son and making him responsible for his actions) "and I end up wearing myself out so I am giving up that part of my personality" youhavefreakinggottobekiddingme!!!!!!!

And the last was the best comment: "I have the home phone number of the Dean of Students at Gameboy's brand new high school. He too did something stupid, should've asked for help first; but took responsibility for his actions and truly feels sorry for what he did.
I listened to his side of the story, spoke with the Dean, and decided that this was just another growing pain and no punishment was necessary. He felt bad enough, and had learned a valuable lesson all on his own.
This parenting thing is tough. Who knew?

Of course this was timed nicely to go right with all of the other turmoil in our lives - so I have to believe that stress did affect the situation."


Yes! That's it! It was the stress at home that made him do it! And he is sorry so it's ALL OK! And parenting is hard so I need to take the easy way out and not give a consequence for his actions cause he is SORRY! and he learned his lesson!

DID I NOT JUST POST ABOUT THIS KIND OF THING?! You bet your ass parenting is hard. And it's HARDER when you get a call from the police because your son just went crazy and murdered young girls and NO ONE EXPECTED IT cause he was such a good dad! And a good neighbor! and a good worker! and this is soooo unexpected!

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!! Six or sixteen. TREAT others the way you want to be treated. WHEN you are cruel, unkind, destructive, or disrepectful to another person, take the responsibility and realize there WILL BE a consequence for your actions. You cannot have the luxury of choosing your consequences but you can CHOOSE your actions. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN that THEY HAVE THE POWER to be proactive, not reactive. Teach your children that there ARE sucky people in the world but you don't have to stoop to their level. TEACH THEM that they can choose how they react to ANY situation!!!



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