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Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Theme A Day Week...

So this week, Little Lottie went back to high school and I got to stay home for another week. I AM LOVING THIS SCHOOL CALENDAR! Don't get me wrong - luuuuvvvv my time with Little Lottie. WE went to Disneyland, we went to Phx. to swim and visit with Sweet Pea and shop. But a I SO need this! Now if I could just stop reading the news. It's soooo depressing. I feel like death is always chasing me and I try to rationalize, as I am falling asleep, that I have no control over it to make myself feel like I have some control over it, because afterall, that lack of control over it is what upsets me the most. I mean, if little Amish girls are not safe in their one room schoolhouse, NO ONE IS. And then to see the eerie pictures of it being razed today in the pre dawn hours. It's just so heartbreaking. I can't stop thinking of those little ones.

So you can see where I am mentally and it's hard because you have to get up each day and live and be happy knowing that any crazed lunatic can change your life in a moment, even though you are living a good and wholesome life. So I am trying hard to love more and appreciate more the people in my life.

So back to theme week.

Monday was just a "Putter Day" - this is where I have the tv blaring Paula Deen's Home Cooking and the Barefoot Contessa in the background and I walk around the house finding little things to take care of. That was my whole day. I may or may not have made dinner, I really cannot remember.

Tuesday was "White Trash Day" - no offense to anyone who normally does these things on a daily basis but white trash day was me eating a big mac, fries, and a diet coke and then taking myself to the local indian casino. I played with my $10.00 investment in fun for about 3 hours. I just couldn't lose. Of course, you get cocky at the end and I eventually lost the $10.00 but what fun! (Except for the lung cancer from the smoke, geesh!) I came home and showered to get the smoke off of me and made a lovely dinner. Brown sugar meatloaf and homemade mac and cheeese and green beans. It was yummy.

Wednesday was "All About Me" - I went to drop the car off for it's oil change and 12 point inspection (sounds painful) and then walked to my favorite spa which just happens to be across the street from the car dealer! I had the MOST DIVINE FACIAL EVER. If you go to Gadabout in Tucson, ask for Alexis cause she is wonderful! It was soooo relaxing and my skin is as smooth as silk. But it does make a mess of your hair. So they give you a complimentary shampoo but NOT the blowdry. okkkkkk... so I say well I will pay for the blowdry cause hello.... so the girl who was taking care of me asked how I styled my hair. I explained that 2 weeks ago I made a dreadful mistake and listened to someone tell me HOW GREAT THEIR STYLIST is and paid $160.00 for highlights, color, and cut. (I know!!!! GOOD GRIEF!!!) and that ever since this haircut, I cannot style it properly. She proceeded to explain that I had a "typical beauty school haircut" and she would fix it for me. She fixed it (for $32.00) and now I have a really bad, short $192.00 haircut. Do I know how to invest in my hair or what?! The thing is... I am a hair is my mane. I don't like when my mane is trimmed too short. But I am older now. I am not going to cry. My hair grows fast and just in time for summer, it will be looking like Marlo Thomas on That Girl once again. I will take a picture of said hair and threaten legal action to anyone who cuts it wrong. :)

So back to all about me day - I got to do a little shopping too. I then met Little Lottie at school as she has written a grant proposal and had to present it. I will write more about that later because it deserves its own post!

So today is Thursday. I have not named the day yet. I thought about "Lazy Day" - that would be were I see how long I can go just sitting with the remote on the couch. Not sure if that works for me. I just read about this: Targasm: Tingly sensation shoppers get when they find something really, really good at Target. Maybe that will be my goal today!


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