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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

more pictures posted

Little L continues to enjoy Career Camp. Here are some more photos to enjoy. My favorite is this first picture where she is sitting in front of the underwater viewing tank with her friends (that is her on the left - first one seated on the left) and the Orcas are lined up behind them in the tank. Really impressive how they can train the whales to stay there like that.

One time when we were there on a family trip, I had a personal experience with one of the whales there. It was late at night and the evening show was about to begin. There were 3 whales in the underwater viewing tank and they were swimming around in circles as we approached the glass. As the largest whale swam by, I stepped up to the glass really close and the whale did a LITERAL DOUBLE TAKE and backed up to me - and we looked at each other EYE TO EYE. Talk about freaky!!!! I was so in love - right then and there. And the whale just stayed there. People were rushing close to me and ohhhhing and ahhhing that it was just staring at me!!! It went around the tank again a few more times and kept stopping right in front of me! The show was about to begin so we went into the area to take our seats. When the show was over, we asked a trainer why that happened. They said they couldn't say but it does happen sometimes. They said sometimes the person looks like their favorite trainer and that attracts them. They said it could aslo be the color of my sweatshirt. I had on a dark blue with yellow NAU letters on it. Anyway, when the show was over, I HAD to go back down to the tank to see if my new friend was going to come say hello to me again. Well, there were only 2 in the tank and they were on the other side of the tank. I figured they would start swimming around in a circle as before. But then the WEIRDEST thing happened. The middle sized one cut across the tank and headed STRAIGHT FOR ME. I mean I thought it was literally going to hit it's nose on the tank glass!!! I scared me to death! I jumped back and it just stood there - face to face with me. Nose to nose. It was not the same one from earlier, it was smaller. Anyway, it seemed unhappy that I was there! Freaky, I tell ya! Our whole family remembers this whole event and we often talk about it.

Ok, I lost my way in the post ! Back to Little L - There is also a picture of her walking with the flamingos - she is leading the way. The other pictures are : her enjoying some "net" time at Shamu's Happy Harbor (there is always a little time for play after putting vitamins in fish gills to feed the dolphins!) and another of her watching the Orca swim by (Little L is in pink and the ponytail). She is also the one riding the Orca statue with two of her friends standing on the statue of the killer whale.

I can't wait to see her on Friday and here all about the experiences she had!


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