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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Chosen One

So Sparky and I have had quite a week. It began a week ago tonight when he got a phone call from home. His Dad was rushed to the hospital and placed in I.C.U. for pnemonia. Top that off with old age and COPD and you have a potentially fatal situation. Even the Dr. commented that they thought this might be the end. But Sparky's Dad has pulled through and is feeling much better. He is on oxygen but he is actually home as of today!

But talk about riding a roller coaster of emotions. Since I have already been through the death of both of my parents, I can completely understand how Sparky is feeling. Without going into specifics of our conversations, suffice it to say that we often just sit on the couch and hold each other these days. The other night he was thanking me for taking care of things.

And then he paused and said...

"I chose well."

I quite literally lost my breath. Those are probably the most beautiful words he has ever spoken to me. And it actually took me by surprise. Let me explain. I often talk about how *I* chose him. And I choose him again and again, every day of my life, I make the choice to be with the husband of my youth. I adore him. There is no question that I chose well. I often think about how lucky I am. But I often think about *my* choice - choosing him. It really never occurred to me before to remember that he also chose (and chooses) me!

And it's ironic that those words just confirm in my heart what I already know to be true...

I chose well.

I love you, Sparky. I'll be here for you.

Your M ~


Blogger sweet pea said...

You made me gag and cry at the same time. ;-)

2:30 AM  
Blogger Moron Family said...

Sounds like a the typical work of a mother!


Love you so much!


9:14 AM  

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