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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Announcement

I promised I would tell the story of Sweet Pea telling me she was going to have a baby. Looks like I finally have a few minutes in the midst of birthday celebrations to write.

We went to visit Sweet Pea and Mr. Sweet Pea last weekend to celebrate my birthday a week early. We went early because of the Hallowed Harry Party Happening! So Sweet Pea and Little L got to enjoy their last midnight release of a Harry Potter book, costumes and all! While they did that, Sparky and I had a little dinner and some quiet time. I woke up the next morning, knowing that Sweet Pea had to work, and spent a few minutes with her before she whisked Little L off to the newest Harry Potter movie. Then she was off to work and we were off to shop. That evening we relaxed, reading, enjoying the house while Sweet Pea and Mr. Sweet Pea were at work. Sunday arrived and my celebration with it. Sweet Pea came in to the room and apologized that Mr. Sweet Pea had invited his parents over because he forgot it was to be my birthday dinner. She didn't need to apologize as I do adore his family but what a guy thing to do! I felt bad that they would have to sit there and watch me open presents when we haven't gotten to that stage of in-lawness yet where we celebrate each other's birthdays!

Still - no biggie. We will just have extra family at the dinner and I still have the day with Sweet Pea! We decide on dinner and make a grocery store run. I take Sweet Pea to the In-N-Out to sit for a soda. I have not had a moment to sit alone and talk all weekend so I am looking forward to 15 minutes with her. I look into her face as she is talking, seeing eyes that look very familiar - a mask of pregnancy. But I say NOT a word. I don't want to say anything because I am considered the nut of the family and also, if she is not pregnant, it's kind of an insensitive presumtion to make. But I remember in my heart SO CLEARLY the moment. I just looked into her eyes and she looked away with a smile, speaking whatever words she was saying. I cannot remember the words. I remember no sounds. I just remember her face.

Anyway, we get back to the house and I am using a very good knife to cut the potatoes and I can't stand it anymore. I ask her when she had her period last. (We are close, this is not an odd conversation for us) I knew that they were thinking about babies but she never really said they were trying. She hesitated and said something to which I matter of factly replied that she was incorrect. How funny! I am telling her that she is wrong about when she last had her period! That should have clued me but I was worrying about cutting off my fingers!

Suddenly, she mumbles and states she has to go wake up Mr. Sweet Pea for work. Whatever, I am just trying to concentrate on the cutting action happening on the board.

Well, dinner time came and his family arrived and there were hugs and kisses all around. His parents bought me a GORGEOUS Brighton bracelet. (I have pics - must post with the birthday pics of all the presents I got.) And then...

Sweet Pea walks over to me and hands me a box. She explains that there is an important present. (They all are!) tee hee....

So I open the box. I remember this clearly too...

I pulled out a beautiful brushed silver frame with little hearts. How I love picture frames! I spend a lot of money on buying them. They proudly display my family photos. I always told Sweet Pea that it would be a great way to tell someone they were going to be a dad or even a grandmom - buy a frame that says Grandma and give it to them and that's how you would know. This was years ago though that we had this conversation.

As I lifted the frame further out of the box, I see writing at the bottom...


I dropped the frame into the box (gently, sort of) and felt my body react with such joy! I went to hug her and Mr. Sweet Pea said to her "Tell everyone!" She said she couldn't speak and melted into my arms, tears of joy streaming down both of our faces!

I didn't know that his family had been invited for this and that they didn't know ahead of time! They found out when Mr. Sweet Pea finally said, "We're pregnant!" (They couldn't see the frame and had no idea of the story!) It was SO SPECIAL!!!!

Later I teased Sweet Pea that she was trying to tell me she was having twins since it said Grandkids... but it turns out that she just couldn't find a frame that said Grandparents. (???? Have I failed in the most important duty of a mother? Teaching her WHERE to shop?) I feel badly cause she probably paid and arm and a leg for it at a frame shop. (Ross!!!!!!!!!!!) (Michael's!!!!!!!!) I feel like I should reimburse her for the cost. (giggle)

So that is the story of how it all happened. She explained at dinner that she couldn't believe I was asking her about her period an hour before she wanted to tell us. Not because of the subject but because she CANNOT lie to me. Never has been able to. She loves and respects me too much. She said she had to run out of the room and go tell Mr. Sweet Pea what I had just said! She was worried she would blurt it out if she stayed in the room with me! :-)

At dinner, we were all funny. We would speak in spurts and then it would go quiet. You could see everyone trying to take in this incredibly wonderful news. (This is the first grandbaby for his family, too!)

I finally spoke up during a quiet moment.

"Think about this! In one year, when we are all gathered again for dinner, there will be a little 3 month old sitting with us!"

Everyone just kind of laughed or took in a deep, excited breath. Sweet Pea had a wide eyed, happy look and yet at the same time, a HOLY CRAP! look on her face. It was precious!

As we were leaving, Mr. Pea's dad shared an hair - raising experience he had just the day before. He said he was walking around the commisary when a little blond haired boy, about 3 years old, walked up to him and said, "Hi, Grandpa!" He just looked at him and smiled and the little boy again said, "I love you Grandpa!" and then he walked away with his mom.

Blessings. Sprinkled with blessings.


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